Department of Cultures, Politics and Society

The Department of Cultures, Politics and Society (CPS) employs sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists, experts in international relations, political theorists and philosophers, geographers, historians and linguists whose studies contribute to in-depth analysis on a wide range of themes with an interdisciplinary focus. As such, the primary goal of the CPS Department is to merge and federate research teams and individuals who study society in its various dimensions.

The Department offers cutting-edge education and research opportunities on critical topics of concern, from politics and economic sociology to social networks, immigration and inequality issues. The various research groups hosted within CPS are involved in several local, national and international projects.

Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures

The Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures hosts courses as well as applied and pedagogical research activities concerning European, North American, Latin American, Asian and Middle Eastern languages, literatures and cultures. An interdisciplinary perspective is developed in the study and research of these languages, literatures and cultures, with the purpose of concretely improving and widening awareness, knowledge and expertise about them. In so doing, the close connections between languages and cultures are regarded as observation points for the assessment and interpretation of current phenomena in their socio-cultural, historical and linguistic aspects, in order to formulate new hypotheses and theories, as well as to build bridges for the future.

The Department is made up of several sections: English Studies, Modern Cultures, French Studies, German Studies, Iberian Studies, Italian and Comparative Literature Studies, Linguistics, Romanian and Slavic Studies, Asian and Mediterranean Studies.