Events programme

ARTISTIC PERFORMANCE (14.12 @ 6.45 pm)

ECO DEL MONDO_fragments of wandering identities

Traiettoria di ricerca "Il corpo Rituale"

Performers: Francesca Cinalli, Amalia Franco, Paolo De Santis 

What to do when faced with the spectacle of a shattered world? How could this happen? Can we rebuild it? What can be born from rubble?
Here's a somersault for you: Arlecchino emerges as an ambiguous and ambivalent character from the dance of human complexities, a subdued and thoughtful silhouette, he is left speechless, he guards, embodies and assumes inanimate and vulnerable bodies as his own burden, in a special elective affinity between the human and the non-human.
In this scenario, each fragment becomes a mirror reflecting the multiple identities, contradictions and ceaseless evolutions of a wandering identity.
In the echo of a square, the soundscape, the remnants of an imaginary metaphysical city and the bodies at the margins strive to recompose the fragments of the world, the shattered totality of the self, a mosaic of people, objects, us...



A project by Francesca Cinalli and Paolo De Santis

Soundscape and live music by Paolo De Santis

Costumes and scene objects by Francesca Cinalli

Puppet created by Amalia Franco

Dramaturg Ornella D'Agostino


Produzione Tecnologia Filosofica - traiettoria di ricerca #ilcorporitualeperformance

Progetto selezionato Bando Cura 2022  con il sostegno di Officine Caos/Residenza Arte Transitiva, Cross Project, Teatri di Vita Accompagnamento alla produzione_Lavanderia a Vapore_Residenze Coreografiche 2022, Workspace RicercaX 2022, Media Dance 2022-2023, Verso Sud Ecosistema Culturale 2022, Frontdoc_Festival di Cinema di Frontiera 2022/Cittadella dei Giovani di Aosta, Residui Teatro_Magdalena Project 2023 Madrid, Officine Caos_Differenti Sensazioni 2023, Cross Project 2023_Museo Tornielli di Ameno (No), Teatri di Vita_ResiDanze di Primavera 2023 Bologna, Mirabilia Festival 2023 Cuneo (CN), Carovana S.M.I._Festa Mobile 2023/Cagliari/l'Accademia del Tempo

SOCIAL DINNER (15.12 @ 8 pm)

The Social Dinner will take place on Friday, 15 December at 8 p.m. at the restaurant Arcadia.

Arcadia is located in the elegant 19th-century Galleria Subalpina, in the city centre. The location is characterized by a spacious dining room with high vaults supported by stone pillars.

The cost of Social Dinner is € 60,00 (it requires registration, but payment will be on site). A vegetarian or vegan menu is available on request.

Restaurant Arcadia

Galleria Subalpina – Piazza Castello 29, 10123 Torino

Telephone: +39 0115613898



Photo courtesy of ‘Adriana Oberto Photography

How to get from Campus Luigi Einaudi to the restaurant (approx. 20 min walk): click either here or on the map below for directions

APERITIF (16.12 @ 1 pm)

We are offering a complimentary aperitif for the conference participants at the University bar. The ritual of ‘aperitivo’ in Italian culture is a pre-meal (generally dinner) drink and snack that originated in Northern Italy (many would say Torino) but has now spread throughout the country. The aperitivo is considered a social occasion to meet friends, unwind after work, and enjoy a light meal. The main social purpose of aperitivo is to relax and enjoy the company of friends while sipping on a drink and sampling some tasty bites. It's a great opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues and socialize after work.

The typical drinks served during aperitivo include Aperol Spritz, Campari Spritz, Negroni, and Bellini. These drinks are usually light and refreshing, and they're often mixed in cocktails with sparkling wine or prosecco. As for the accompanying food, the spread of appetizers and small bites served during aperitivo is called "aperitivo buffet", which can be quite elaborate in some places. The food includes a variety of small bites, such as olives, bruschetta, crostini, focaccia, cheese, cured meats, and small sandwiches, and it's meant to be shared among the group.

In some cases, the aperitivo can even replace lunch or dinner, especially for younger people who may be on a budget or just want a lighter meal. In this case, the selection of food will be more abundant and may include more substantial items such as pasta, pizza, and other warm dishes. Overall, the ritual of aperitivo is a beloved Italian tradition that combines the pleasures of food and drink with the joy of spending time with friends and family.